Employee Stories

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Union Technology is a company where they back up employees' desire to grow.

The technical training / qualification acquisition / skill improvement support system is well-equipped, and I recently used this system to purchase programming language books.

Not only this, but the company also recommended me a variety of courses and exhibitions related to the language. I went to one of the exhibitions, which inspired and motivated me even more.

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I applied to companies in hopes of becoming a soft engineer, and I came across Union Technology.
There were three deciding factors for me to join this company.

First, the good working atmosphere with friendly employees. Second, the fact that I was able to properly hear the direction of management. Last but not least, good working conditions.

I think it depends on the project you are assigned to, but in my case, I get to decide whether to work from home or go to the office. Thankfully, the relationships at work are really stress-free!

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I had an interview with Union Technology in Korea.
What impressed me most at the time was the welcoming atmosphere.

What surprised me when I joined the company was that there were many long-term employees.
There is a perception that IT companies have a lot of turnover because of its demanding work.
Union Technology has a lot of employees who have worked for many years, and this made me want to work for UT.

I am currently working for a talent agency team. Although I am working from home, I am focusing on acquiring the necessary knowledge for the team while learning the development flow as a new employee through web conferencing and OJT.

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Currently, there are a lot of IT companies, and I don't think there is a big difference when it comes to the contents of work.
The reason I chose to work for Union Technology was because of the warm and friendly atmosphere of the interview.

Unlike other companies where you get hired and have a plain working relationship with the company, you can have a firm and trustworthy relation with the company here at Union Technology.

The content of the work is varied, and they are willing to allocate you to a project after listening to your opinion.
Employees can also understand the current management status and development plan of the company in detail. Here at UT, you can freely and comfortably demonstrate your value.