Our Philosophy

We put a great importance on "Quality", "Cost" and "Deadline"- and we promise we will follow through, offering great client communication.
Even under hard situations, we do not turn down any request. We seek ways to solve the barrier and suggest alternatives with extensive knowledge, extensive experience and communication managing the situation. Internal disagreement, budget problem, technical problems, additional requests - we come up with a solution.

System Solution

We provide a total system solution/services - from upstream processes such as proposals, RFPs, development planning, basic design and function design to downstream processes such as actual maintenance and operation of the system in the process of developing of an information system.

1. System Development

When it comes to planning, analysis, requirement definition, external design, and internal design of the information system, we provide our clients with system with the best quality, by accurately identifying the requirements and minimizing rework in manufacturing and testing processes -through open communications with our client.

2. System Development using Intra-mart web platform

We are developing a system based on "intra-mart Web Platform" (NTT Data Intra Mart), an integrated commercial framework product that has the functions required for Web system development, including workflow management suitable for Japanese business processes.
The componentized functions enable high-functional business systems to be built in a short period of time and at a lower cost. Furthermore, as it makes it easy to rapidly respond to future system expansion and change, we are able to set up a foundation for systems that can flexibly respond to changes in the era of integration of infrastructure systems or customer-specific business processes into Web front systems.

3. System Maintenance / Operation

System maintenance and operation are important tasks that support the business, as it has a direct relation to the survival of the business. In addition, due to intensifying competition among companies, various repair operations are required even after the system is operated, including the realization of customer needs and the response to the compilation of new services in short-term cycles.
Therefore, we provide the clients' information system sector with the support for repair tasks- such as repairing applications, identifying the causes of program or system failures (bug or trouble), modifying the data of programs, repairing the work schedule, and repairing the infrastructure, and for operation tasks- such as operating and monitoring of the system.

Website/Content Development

We understand our clients' problems and challenges correctly, and we always work on creating websites and developing content from our client's point of view. The purpose of the development is not to produce something with an appealing design, or something with the up-to-date technologies- but to solve the business challenges of our clients.
Taking time and money does increase the possibility of developing a better website or content, but by establishing a reliable relationship with the client, we respond to our clients with a flexible response to changes.

System Development Support

From upstream processes such as planning, development planning, basic design and function design to downstream processes like manufacturing and integration testing, we will select engineers who possess suitable skills, providing adequate support, in the entire process of maintenance and operation of the system.